CrossFit Pierce County is no more. After 8 years I have made to the end and can no longer keep the gym open. Best wishes to all of you that have made CFPC the wonderful place it has been. I have enjoyed my time with you all, the camaraderie and competitive zeal have conspired to make me more fit than I have ever been. I wish you the best of luck in your future pursuits of strength and fitness. I will miss you all.


A Spartan 300


Slow week


Last few days


Some more Murph


Corey, Cesar and Alex didn’t have enough this morning so they came in this afternoon and did some more. Angela, Bill, Grant and Grants mom and sister came and did Murph so there was a total of about 26 Murphers today. There’s a Movie about Murph called Murph the Protector that tells about his life and very briefly his death. Quite a guy, a hero.

Murph on Memorial Monday


Very nice turnout for the MemWOD today. Great way to start what may turn out to be a very nice Memorial Day Monday. Steve got his wish and bunches of people showed up for a terrific workout honoring Lt Michael Murphy.

Pyrros Met Connie


Hang the Turk




SOS – Strength on Saturday


Although this has been around for awhile, I don’t think I have had it on the board in quite a long time. What made it even more miserable was the fact that all of us did other things before we got Queasy. I did 531, Corey and Cesar did Smolov and Grant did his swings and flutter kicks. I think he might have had another workout in there as well. Anyway, I did some math and excluding the pullups (that had a weighted element within the reps scheme) and using my loads of 95 for the Bear, the press, push press, push jerk and then the push press in the Queasy part, and 30 lbs for the thrusters – I moved 19,260 lbs. Grant, Cesar and Corey all used slightly heaver dumbbells for the thrusters so their numbers would be even higher. Awesome workout.

Got Ketchup?




The Weekend


Change up


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